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H. Kraatz Oy, Finland

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H. Kraatz Oy, Finland

Due to an increasing requirement for small parts storage, H. Kraatz made a decision in 2007 to rationalise their storage. Following that decision an extension was built to house two Tornado DT’s.

With the extension, the Kraatz warehouse area is now 10,300 square metres. In one Tornado DT, two Tornados are set one behind the other, which doubles the storage capacity. At Kraatz the two Tornado DT are placed facing each other so together they provide four Tornado’s capacity at one picking point. The system utilises the entire height of the equipment, 13 meters. With a comfortable working height this  improves job safety and ergonomics. In addition the shelving and picking times are shorter due to fast vertical and horizontal movement of the machine.

DT-Tornado height: 13 meters
Tray width: 4000 mm
Tray depth: 820 mm
Tray qty per DT-Tornado: 95 + 77
Load capacity per tray: 300kg / 500kg